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Scandal Position Strap

Scandal Position Strap

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The Scandal Position Strap pushes deep penetration even further and lets you explore new angles of pleasure. Strap in for the ride of your life with this multi-talented love sling. Perfect for seasoned fetishists or blushing beginners, the lux love strap features two durable handles, extended strap and plush designer fabric.

For any naughty night, this versatile strap can be used for deep penetration or finding just the right angle for knee-shaking pleasure. The multi-use strap lets your lover take full control of your pleasure and allows them to effortlessly pull you into any position they like. Give yourself to your lovers exotic whims by slipping this designer strap around you and experiment with passionate power play.

Multi-use position strap
Sturdy, extended design for perfect leverage and support
Soft and plushy on one side with designer fabric on the other
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